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YouMe Support Foundation

Why a Foundation and Charity?

YouMe Support is registered as a Charity in Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. It was formed in 2007, when Rick and Wendy discovered the Desperate Need for education in the communities of the tropical island archipalego of Vanuatu, (New Hebrides), one of the South Pacific's Lesser Developed Countries.

Happiest Country on Earth

Vanuatu was named the Happiest Country on Earth on the Happy Planet Index, in 2006, but the Daily Post sadly reported on the 1st September 2007:

Prime Minister Lini admits lack of service delivery in outer islands.

Prime Minister Ham Lini has admitted that the government has not done enough to provide service delivery to 95% of the population in the islands. During a visit to the islands PM Lini received a lot of requests to help fund things like school buildings. "Some of these requests are nothing more than Vt50,000 ($US500). Some schools just needed maintenance, while others lacked basic school materials such as blackboard, exercise books and text books. In some cases there is no medicine available and no fuel for lighting. Residents on the islands are forced to rely on ancient custom methods.”


These statistics have changed little since 1999.

  • Only 55.8% of children get to year 6
  • Only 16.8% go to High School
  • 26% never go to school at all.
  • Some primary school teachers are provided by the government

Particularly in the Outer Islands:

  • The teachers lack resources - An exercise book is divided up and given out one page at a time
  • Pencils are cut into three, with no blackboards or chalk provided
  • Many parents are unable to read or write

There's never sufficient funds to meet all the needs. Assisting the villagers only through Community Projects, by providing some essential day to day requirements, is simply not the answer. It's like feeding a black hole.

Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." The United Nations charter states it is the right of every child to receive an education, yet mothers plead with politicians to put their children into school. Dedicated, high achieving students who are hungry for more education, have no funds to pay school fees.

High School Education Grant

YouMe Support Foundation is giving the lesser privileged kids a chance.

  vanuatu kids

These kids have dreams just like kids anywhere in the world. Very few of them will ever see the inside of a high school classroom, or complete their education. They will never realize their dreams without outside assistance.


There is a special way you can help.

Sign any 10-13 year old up in the challenging and exciting Geekoterre 'Education Through Fun' club and put a Ni-Vanuatu child through highschool. Check it out now!


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