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Student Program

Because of the huge demand for education grants, the only way YouMe Support Foundation can accept a student into the program is through recommendation from the school and other recognized authorities in the community.

The student must have a good track record throughout primary school and show a genuine desire to do something with their life, that will make a difference in the community they live in.

The parents must be in a genunine financial situation where they cannot afford to put their child through, or keep their high achieving child in high school.

Our First Student

The first student entered the YouMe Suppport Foundation programme in January 2009, as was promised as far back as May 2008. It was good to have only one to work with in the beginning, to find out all the things needed to support a child in high school. (something most parents are aware of).

It is not just a matter of paying school fees. YouMe Support Foundation needs to take care of the student in a holistic manner, from the overall well being right down to the pair of shoes they wear and if they have sufficient light to do their homework at night. (Firelight only is not enough to be able to do homework in).

Once started, YouMe Support Foundation remains faithful to the needs of the student. It's not the number of students we put through, but the quality of care each student receives.

Win A Resort - Maimoana

Maimona, our first student entered the program in January 2009, as reported in the Independent Newspaper in Vanuatu, in February, 2010. She is doing well at school and was really anxious that we would continue our support.


first student

Maimona is the second daughter of a four child family. Her brother goes to high school, simply because he is the only male in the family.

Maimona's 17 year old sister sits at home, with no qualifications and no prospect of a job. There was no money to send her to high school.

When we were introduced to Maimona, through her headmaster, she had been top of her class throughout primary school. She had no way of going to high school, because of lack of funds.

We have been delighted to be able to assist her and will take her as far as she desires to go.

Overseas Policy

Any student requiring overseas training will be offered a grant from YouMe Support Foundation, on the condition they are prepared to be bonded back to Vanuatu for three years, upon completion of their training - Or are prepared to pay back three years tuition fees, in order to help us put other students into the programme. YouMe Support Foundation cannot be seen to simply be a 'brain drain', to a country that really needs its educated children.

  girl students

More kids are anxiously waiting to hear if they too will get a grant. They don't want to spend the rest of their life just sitting under a coconut tree, because their parents can't afford to educate them. They want to make a difference.

Your donation can help make a real difference in these lives.

Our guarantee is that Every Cent you donate makes a real difference in the lives of these students


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