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The children come from very diverse backgrounds, as there are over 120 language groups in the 80 island archipelago of Vanuatu. Nearly all children are fluent in several languages: Bislama (the local ni-Vanuatu language) English and/or French, as well as their own particular language group from their home island. The majority if children are very shy of the white face and in many areas they have little close-up contact with the white man.

vanuatu images

Though shy, they will always greet you with a magnificent smile.

Even though many mothers cannot read or write, they realize that education is the way of the future. They plead with politicians to supply education for their children. Sadly, education is not very high on politicians' agenda.

Dancers The people of Vanuatu have a deep and abiding love for music and dance. Even the smallest children will join in a community singing, whether it be custom dance, or in other public displays. They are very proud of their rich cultural heritage.

High School Education Grant

Village life is simple and a far cry from the Western world. It is truly another time another place! YouMe Support Foundation is giving these lesser privileged kids, in a 3rd world emerging nation a chance.

village These kids have dreams just like kids anywhere in the world. Very few of them will ever see the inside of a high school classroom, or complete their education. They will never realize their dreams without outside assistance.

There is a special way you can help.

Sign any 10-13 year old up in the challenging and exciting Geekoterre 'Education Through Fun' club and put a Ni-Vanuatu child through highschool. Check it out now!


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